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Charlotte’s Golf School completed the following transactions during March

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P3-31A Comparing accrual and cash-basis accounting, preparing adjusting
entries, and preparing income statements [15–25 min]

Charlotte’s Golf School completed the following transactions during March, 2012:

Mar 1 Prepaid insurance for March through May, $600.
4 Performed services (gave golf lessons) on account, $2,500.
5 Purchased equipment on account, $1,600.
8 Paid property tax expense, $100.
11 Purchased office equipment for cash, $1,500.
19 Performed services and received cash, $900.
24 Collected $400 on account.
26 Paid account payable from March 5.
29  Paid salary expense, $1,000.
31 Recorded adjusting entry for March insurance expense (see March 1).
31 Debited unearned revenue and credited revenue in an adjusting entry, $1,200.


1. Prepare journal entries for each transaction.

2. Using the journal entries as a guide, show whether each transaction would be
handled as a revenue or an expense, using both the accrual and cash basis, by
completing the following table.

3. After completing the table, calculate the amount of net income or net loss for the
company under the accrual and cash basis for March.

4. Considering your results from Requirement 3, which method gives the best picture
of the true earnings of Charlotte’s Golf School? Why?

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