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E7-17 Classifying bank reconciliation items

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E7-17 Classifying bank reconciliation items [5 min]

The following items could appear on a bank reconciliation:

a. Outstanding checks, $670.
b. Deposits in transit, $1,500.
c. NSF check from customer, #548 for $175.
d. Bank collection of our note receivable of $800, and interest of $80.
e. Interest earned on bank balance, $20.
f. Service charge, $10.
g. Book error: We credited Cash for $200. The correct amount was $2,000.
h. Bank error: The bank decreased our account by $350 for a check written by another customer.

1. Classify each item as (1) an addition to the book balance, (2) a subtraction from the book balance, (3) an addition to the bank balance, or (4) a subtraction from the bank balance.

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