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Fenton Company had a cash balance

Price: $3.99

On July 31, 2010, Fenton Company had a cash balance per books of $6,140. The
statement from Jackson State Bank on that date showed a balance of $7,695.80. A comparison
of the bank statement with the cash account revealed the following facts.

1. The bank service charge for July was $25.

2. The bank collected a note receivable of $1,500 for Fenton Company on July 15, plus
$30 of interest. The bank made a $10 charge for the collection. Fenton has not accrued
any interest on the note.

3. The July 31 receipts of $1,193.30 were not included in the bank deposits for July.
These receipts were deposited by the company in a night deposit vault on July 31.

4. Company check No. 2480 issued to H. Coby, a creditor, for $384 that cleared the bank
in July was incorrectly entered in the cash payments journal on July 10 for $348.

5. Checks outstanding on July 31 totaled $1,980.10.

6. On July 31 the bank statement showed an NSF charge of $690 for a check received
by the company from P. Figura, a customer, on account.


(a) Prepare the bank reconciliation as of July 31.

(b) Prepare the necessary adjusting entries at July 31.

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